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381, Banna Ave, Griffith, NSW 2680, Griffith 2680, Riverina, New South Wales Riverina

Long known for its dryland cropping and livestock production, the Western Riverina gradually diversified into rice, citrus, wine and other fruit production.

More recently, Western Riverina producers have further diversified into higher value, longer-term yield crops such as nuts, cotton, olives and vegetables.

Through its strengths in produce and production, the Western Riverina is poised to significantly expand its role as a food bowl of Australia over time and pursue overseas export markets for premium produce delivered in a consistent, timely and efficient way.

The Riverina is home to the Murrumbidgee River and its waterways, winding its way through an array of food trails, natural wonders and charming towns just waiting to be explored. Taste delicious wine, pick your own oranges and discover artisan delights including locally made chocolate and cheese in the heart of Australia’s Food Bowl.

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Coolamon Shire Council

Local Government
Bland Shire Council

Local Government
Agritech Incubator

Agritech Incubator. Hands on immersive program, coworking spaces, virtual events. Aim is to spark innovation and economic development in the Riverina by offering incubator programs.

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GTA Solutions

Testing & Grading Equipment for Grain

Grain Silos, Gas Filled Silos, Fertiliser Silos, Conveying Systems
Dee Vine Estate

Dee Vine Estate is a winery established from the traditional family vineyards of Michele and Domenico Scarfone, two brothers who emigrated from Southern Italy in 1956.
Calabria Family Wines

Calabria Family Wines has flourished to be one of Australia's top 20 wine producers. Each winemaker brings a unique dimension to the wine portfolio, but produce wines of great density and…

Remote Sensing and Control Products. iotag is a tracking solutions platform for pastoral farms. It enables farmers to track bulls and cows over long distances.
Proway Livestock Equipment

Cattle Yards, Sheep Yards, Livestock Handling Equipment

Liquid Plant Fertiliser. Cost effective crop nutrition. Converte plantfood has been developed to restore the full nutrient balance to plants and catalyse soil biology to release and transport…
Collier & Miller

Bed Shaper, Trailers, Augers, Bins, Rippers
Webster Walnuts

Walnuts, Onions, Seafood. Our first walnut orchard was established at Swansea on Tasmanian's spectacular east coast. Grown under cool climate conditions, Tasmanian walnuts mature slowly.
Berton Vineyards

Testament to our philosophy are our award winning wines such as our Metal Label Black Shiraz, Limited Reserve and Winemakers Reserve ranges.

Self Propelled Augers, Pencil Augers, Weighbridges, Remote Controlled Doors

Container Dome Shelters, Innovative Fabric Buildings
Yarran Wines

Established amongst the vines in 1998, Yarran is owned by the Brewer family. Crafting awarded wines with sustainability at the forefront of each vintage, our organically certified vineyards…
Batlow Apples

Batlow is constantly expanding its range to include the finest quality fruits, juices, cider, plus much more. From juicy apples and sweet, plump cherries to tangy ciders and delicious juices,…

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