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The Region is renowned for its many natural and heritage tourism destinations. It also has a diverse economy with almost 6,000 businesses. Manufacturing, agriculture and health care are the most important industries of the region, while mining is growing rapidly.

The Macquarie River is one of the main rivers in NSW and is an important resource as it travels through the main towns of Central Orana. The river provides 70% of the potable water in Dubbo and Wellington and is also a major endowment for agriculture, tourism and fishing.

Central Orana is endowed with natural metal ore deposits used for construction materials as it is a part of the Lachlan Orogen geological formation. According to the Resources and Energy Department within the New South Wales Government, there is an opportunity for further, extensive excavation of these metal ore minerals.

The most important mining project for Central Orana over the coming years will be Alkanes Resources Project, that seeks to mine rare metals like zirconium, hafnium, niobium and yttrium.

Central Orana is well endowed with recreational and tourist attractions to bring visitors to the area. Attractions include the Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Old Dubbo Gaol, Wellington Caves and the Dubbo Observatory.

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The Region is renowned for its many natural and heritage tourism destinations. It also has a diverse economy with almost 6,000 businesses. Manufacturing, agriculture and health care are the…
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Zirconium, Hafnium, Niobium, Rare Earth Elements

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