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Northern Inland NSW Northern Inland NSW

The economic comparative advantage of the region lies in the natural resource base – land, water and increasingly minerals. 

Economies reliant upon natural resources and ‘commodities’ face some challenges. Natural resources are subject to on-going policy change. Commodities are subject to the vagaries of climate and international price fluctuations. A good agricultural season benefits most sectors in our economy, but a poor season can be disastrous.

It would be good to have some new industry options that are not at the mercy of the weather and commodity price cycles, such as technology and knowledge based industries which service markets outside the region and internationally.

Are there opportunities to add-value our agricultural products, to diversify into higher-value commodities, or to build R&D and technology based ‘clusters’ which service agriculture?

The Narrabri area for example, has developed knowledge, technology and R&D expertise in servicing the cotton industry. Similar opportunities may exist to service the growing mining sector.

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Tamworth Regional Council

Tamworth, Northern Inland

02 6767 5555

Narrabri Shire Council

Narrabri, Northern Inland

02 6799 6866

Armidale Regional Council

Armidale, Northern Inland

02 6770 3600

Glen Innes Severn Council

Glen Innes, Northern Inland

02 6730 2300

Inverell Shire Council

Inverell, Northern Inland

02 6728 8288

Moree Plains Shire Council

Moree, Northern Inland

02 6757 3222

Gunnedah Shire Council

Gunnedah, Northern Inland

02 6740 2100


Gunnedah, Northern Inland

0458 980 232

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Northern Inland

02 6772 6672

M&M Stockyards

Northern Inland

02 6785 1977


Northern Inland

1800 624 688

HE Silos

Northern Inland

1300 764 700

Arrow Farmquip

Northern Inland

1800 814 107