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The Mid West is a diverse and highly adaptive region with resilient mining, agriculture and fishing industries, coupled with strong tourism, retail, manufacturing, construction, logistics and population servicing sectors.

One of Australia's most diverse mining provinces that includes talc, gold, lead, tin, tantalum, zinc, heavy mineral sands, iron ore, copper, clays, pigments, nickel, vanadium, titanium, gypsum, chromite, platinoids, limestone, limesands and manganese ore.

The Mid West has the largest fishing industry in the State with a dominant rock lobster fishery, significant finfish and mollusc production and an emerging aquaculture sector.

It has an emerging renewable energy sector for solar, wind, wave, geothermal and biomass generation.

The CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science (CASS) has a base in the Mid West through the $152 million Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory (MRO). The MRO will be a base for part of the SKA (the largest radio astronomy project ever developed) and a pre-eminent site for radio astronomy research and development.

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Shire of Three Springs

Three Springs, Mid West

08 9954 1001

Shire of Yalgoo

Yalgoo, Mid West

08 9962 8042

Shire of Meekatharra

Meekatharra, Mid West

08 9980 0600

Shire of Exmouth

Exmouth, Mid West

08 9949 3000

Shire of Carnarvon

Carnarvon, Mid West

08 9941 0000

Shire of Shark Bay

Denham, Mid West

08 9948 1218

Shire of Cue

Cue, Mid West

08 9963 8600

Shire of Perenjori

Perenjori, Mid West

08 9973 1002

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Mid West Ports Authority

Geraldton, Mid West

08 9964 0522

Chapman River Olives

Mid West

0408 610 109

Indian Ocean Fresh Australia

Mid West

08 9964 3140

Agri-Spread Australia

Mid West

08 9960 7164