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The Region is a highly valued place to live, a significant domestic tourism destination, as well as a place for lifestyle change or retirement. The combination of its environmental values and mix of recreational experiences provides the opportunity for the Region to further develop as a widely recognised tourism destination.

The Region is rich in natural resources such as fisheries, timber, groundwater, extractive resources and productive soils. These resources are an important part of the regional economy that requires careful management. Protection of important farmland from development pressures is one such natural resource imperative. It is critical to keep the best farmland areas intact to maintain economic opportunity for primary production for future generations.

The Region’s economy is now largely based on service, manufacturing, construction and primary industries.

Many of the industries depend on environmental and natural resources such as extractive materials, forests, soils and water, which must be protected in the face of the growing population.

A regional forest agreement is in place to conserve and sustainably manage the Region’s native forests.

Agricultural production also remains a key industry of the Region. Sustaining and growing existing industries such as dairying, oyster farming and horticulture, while encouraging diversification into other agricultural products, will be critical to the future of primary production in the Region.

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Mid North Coast NSW

The Region is a highly valued place to live, a significant domestic tourism destination, as well as a place for lifestyle change or retirement. The combination of its environmental values and…
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Mid North Coast: Featured Businesses

Country Fresh Nationwide

We supply quality Australian meat and seafood to local businesses all over Australia.
Orara Valley Beef Jerky

Air dried Australian beef jerky, a feel-good snack designed for good times ... Orara Valley Jerky is marinated in a unique blend of secret seasonings and spices,
Long Point Vineyard

Long Point Vineyard is renowned for its boutique wines, breathtaking views and friendly staff.
Nicholson Fine Foods

Chocolate Mousse, Sauces, Vinegar, Bioburger...Gold medal winner Royal Tasmanian Fine Food competition 2021 Habanero Chili Hot Drops, hand made in small batches. We use fine Australian grown,…
Australian Aircraft Kits

STOL, Utllity, Agricultural, Military and Sport Aircraft
Bale Defence

Military Equipment, Shipboard Equipment
Mentges Master Meats

Ham, Sausage, Wurst, Meatloaf, Kranski. We at Mentges Master Meats are producing over 40 different Traditional Continental Meat Products.
Bakarindi Bush Foods

Locally sourced products include Finger Limes, Riberries, Lemon and Aniseed Myrtle, Rosella Flowers, Davidson Plums both NSW and Queensland varieties, Mangoes, Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic and Chillies.

Ship Building, Aluminium & Steel Fabrication
Hokubee Australia

Meltique beef was developed by Hokubee Co., Ltd (Japan) in 1984 and was inspired by the traditional French culinary method “Pique” which introduces fats into red meat to enhance flavor…
Cassegrain Wines

Cassegrain Wines is an acclaimed producer of full flavoured, yet soft and elegant wines using fruit sourced from established and emerging regions throughout NSW.
Armstrong Oysters

Armstrong Oysters is a second-generation family owned and run business with over 50 years' experience in the Oyster industry.
The Beekeeper

Our manuka honey is laboratory certified, the activity level and strength of each harvest tested to ensure you get what you pay for.
Saxbys Soft Drinks

Carbonated Soft Drinks...Australian made Saxbys Soft Drinks crafted to perfection from original family recipes since 1864.
Raleigh Vineyards

Raleigh Winery, an award winning boutique winery located on the picturesque Bellinger River!

Motorboats, Commercial Craft, Patrol Craft

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