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Ipswich Ipswich

For generations, Ipswich has been a significant driver of Queensland’s economic prosperity.

Once it was mining, farming, rail transport, manufacturing and heavy industry that fed the region’s economy and employed locals. Over many decades those industries have continued to evolve and provide Ipswich with an experienced and skilled workforce.

Today, traditional industries are in advanced transition as digital technology, dynamic markets and sustainable practices push innovation and improvement. Ipswich businesses are leading this progress across many sectors including Defence, Biofutures, Advanced Manufacturing, Food Production, Transport and Logistics, Construction and Health.

Ipswich is home to Australia’s largest military airbase and a strong supply chain of sector relevant contractors, manufacturers and service providers, and a major food production and distribution centre for meat, poultry, fine foods, beverages.

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Ipswich City Council

Brisbane, Ipswich

07 3810 6666

TAFE South West - Ipswich


1300 914 754

Somerset Regional Council

Esk, Ipswich

07 5424 4000

Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Gatton, Ipswich

1300 005 872

Fire Station 101

Brisbane, Ipswich

07 3810 7534

Scenic Rim Regional Council

Beaudesert, Ipswich

07 5540 5111



07 3812 4144

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Capral Aluminium


07 3816 7000

JBS Australia


07 3810 2100

Australis Plants


07 4696 8792

New Hope Corporation


07 3418 0500

Stark Engineering


07 5465 4195

Baiada Poultry


07 3817 1200