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Gold Coast Gold Coast

The Gold Coast will continue to support and promote its traditional industries of tourism, retail and construction, while making a concerted effort to move towards more knowledge- intensive, high-value and internationally competitive economic activities.


The focus on increasing the level of education of the city's workforce and educating the next generation of business and community leaders is critical for the long-term economic prosperity of the City.


Bond University is excited to continue to play a significant role in developing and promoting the Gold Coast as
one of the world’s great Education Cities and maximising the opportunities that flow from world-class research in the city's educational universities.


The City of Gold Coast recognises the economic benefits of film production, which provides creation of jobs, infrastructure and spend to the local community.


City of Gold Coast is the only council in Australia that now offers an Investment Attraction Fund to the lm industry and with their lm friendly approach, diverse locations and world class studios, it makes the city unique.

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Gold Coast Institute of TAFE

Gold Coast

1300 308 233

Labtech Academy

Transforming TVET with3D Gaming Technology for Interactive Learning

Gold Coast, Gold Coast

+61 4 0367 3208

Gold Coast City Council

Gold Coast, Gold Coast

1300 465 326


Gold Coast, Gold Coast

0418 744 470

Gold Coast

Gold Coast

0415 644 466

Bond University

Gold Coast

07 5595 1024

Burleigh Space

Gold Coast, Gold Coast

0403 455 195

Gold Coast Hub

Gold Coast, Gold Coast

1300 029 833

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The Cedar Creek Estate Winery

Gold Coast

07 5545 1666

Coral Cay Health

Gold Coast

1300 889 293

Cool Mine

Gold Coast

07 5532 9941

Austmarine Manufacturing

Gold Coast

07 5529 0088

Prendergast Fasteners

Gold Coast

07 5530 3299


Gold Coast

07 5562 2661

Superior Jetties

Gold Coast

07 5594 8200

Witches Falls Winery

Gold Coast

07 5545 2609