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Gippsland offers a variety of natural attractions like nowhere else in Victoria. Unspoilt beaches, pristine rainforests, snowfields, hiking and riding trails provide backdrops for wineries and food producers, festivals for residents and tourists to indulge in all year long.

This eastern-most region of Victoria offers a dramatic variety of landscape and relaxed, welcoming communities that combine to create an undeniable allure.

Stretching from outer Melbourne to the eastern-most point of Victoria, Gippsland is the powerhouse of Victoria’s natural resources and commodities economy.

Gippsland's economy is predominantly based around natural resources and commodities, with key industry sectors including agriculture, forestry, dairy and pastoral industries, fishing, and coal mining, oil and gas extraction and processing.

It is home to the state’s electricity industry and other key sectors such as agriculture, forestry, dairy, fishing, tourism, engineering, finance, health care and education.

Gippsland has a strong tourism industry, linked to the environmental assets of the region. This industry attracts a growing market from metropolitan Melbourne and local residents, and has significant potential to broaden its appeal. Some key tourism assets include the Gippsland Lakes, Phillip Island, Wilsons Promontory and the alpine country.

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Startup Gippsland

Business Accelerator...Startup Gippsland is a project by the Bass Coast Shire, Baw Baw Shire, East Gippsland Shire, Latrobe City, South Gippsland Shire and Wellington Shire councils, funded…
Baw Baw Shire Council

Local Government

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Horticultural Wire, Anchors, Clips, Twitchers
Maffra Cheese Company

Cheddar Cheese. Sage Derby. Wensleydale. Brie. Maffra Cheese Co. is located on a dairy farm near Maffra, in the heart of Gippsland's lush dairying country.
Nullamunjie Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil...Nullamunjie Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Nullamunjie is a true single estate olive oil, grown, pressed and bottled on the estate.
ViPlus Dairy

Infant and Adult Formula. ViPlus Dairy is one of Australia's leading milk formula manufacturers, specialising in a diverse range of high quality, nutritional dairy products.
Nicholson River Winery

Since 1978, our aim has been to create wines reminiscent of the great European styles, with a character that reflect the intense flavours unique to the area.
Bullant Brewery

Bullant beers are designed to match their menu just like wine, but they are equally enjoyable as a solely refreshing beverage.
Lightfoot & Sons Wines

Positioned between the Great Dividing Range and Bass Strait, the Gippsland Lakes District is Victoria’s most easterly viticultural region.
Ensay Winery

Ensay Winery and Vineyard is a family-owned small business nestled in the picturesque hills of the Tambo River Valley in East Gippsland.
Leadoux Turkeys

Leadoux Turkeys grow and process genuine free-range turkey from Bairnsdale in East Gippsland. We supply quality free-range turkey direct from the farm.
Startup Gippsland

Business Accelerator...Startup Gippsland is a project by the Bass Coast Shire, Baw Baw Shire, East Gippsland Shire, Latrobe City, South Gippsland Shire and Wellington Shire councils, funded…
Four N Twenty

Meat Pies, Pasties, Sausage Rolls. FOUR'N TWENTY, is an Australian brand of meat pies and sausage rolls, owned by parent company Patties Foods
Blue Sky Organics

We grow five varieties of organic garlic including Red Rocambole, Tasmanian Purple , White Crookneck, White Silverskin and Russian (Elephant Garlic).
Busch Organics

Our produce includes a variety of seasonal vegetables and lucerne. At Busch Organics we believe in sustainable farming practices and offering the highest level of quality.
Frais Farms

Baby Leaf Salads, Broccoli. Frais Farms is a small Victorian vegetable growing, packing and marketing business.
Platypus Fire

Bushfire Protection Sprinkler Head

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