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Canberra is a thriving hub of knowledge-based activity. Ten percent of Australia’s public sector research and development is undertaken in the ACT. Our universities, the CSIRO and Government agencies are all leading the knowledge creation agenda. Our challenge lies in commercialising these opportunities locally and reaping full benefit for the broader community.

The Defence industry is important to Canberra, and as home to Duntroon and ADFA, sees many of the nation’s Defence leaders pass through its doors.

There is a substantial wine industry around Canberra and a light-manufacturing sector in Queanbeyan.

The manufacturing industry is undergoing substantial change with the emergence of digital manufacture and the demise of the factory as the locus of activity. Manufacturing is no longer driven by the concept of the large factory, economies of scale, and mass production of standardised units. Quality, speed of delivery, and post sales service are more important drivers than price.

As a centre of government and public administration, Canberra is ‘information rich’. It has the largest installation of mainframe computer capacity in the country and provides employment for a large number of ICT employees, contractors and service providers.

Canberra has been the base for the development and growth of a number of ICT software and services businesses (Intelledox, Tower, etc). These enterprises provide a model of entrepreneurship and ability to meet, and lead, public sector requirements.

ACT: Featured Brokers

Geosciences Australia

Geoscience Organisation
WoolProducers Australia

WoolProducers Australia (WPA) is the national peak industry body representing farmers whose primary business is growing wool.
Defence Innovation Hub

Innovations Relating to Defence

ACT: Featured Businesses

Aspen Medical

Health Services
Australian Bureau of Agricultural & Resource Economics and Sciences

Science and Economics Research Division of the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.
Australian Fisheries Management Authority

Securing Australia's Fishing Future
Australian Renewable Energy Agency

Supporting Development of Local Renewable Energy Technology
Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)

Our purpose is to support the global transition to net zero emissions by accelerating the pace of pre-commercial innovation, to the benefit of Australian consumers, businesses and workers.
Beta Therapeutics

Therapeutics for Diabetes and Inflammatory Disease

Brain Changer’s 12-week BOOST Recovery Program has been developed from the latest science and clinical practice guidelines in pain neuroscience, education, movement science, behavioral…
CBR Innovation Network

Entrepreneurship, Education and Research...Located in the heart of Canberra City, our not-for-profit coworking space is dedicated to fostering the innovation community.
CEA Technologies

Design and Manufacture Radar and Communications

Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri-Technology...CEAT is building an innovation ecosystem where research and technology is targeted to agricultural challenges independent of traditional disciplinary.
Cogito Group

Cyber Security Experts...Jellyfish is a next generation cyber security platform designed to dynamically protect data and enhance the situational awareness of cyber threats.
Collaborate Plus

Coworking and Business Incubator...ACU Collaborate Plus aims to support and develop fledgling businesses and small-medium enterprises (SMEs) through the sharing of resources, knowledge...

Modular Data Centre
Defcon Technologies Group

Military and Law Enforcement Products and Services

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