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Canberra is a thriving hub of knowledge-based activity. Ten percent of Australia’s public sector research and development is undertaken in the ACT. Our universities, the CSIRO and Government agencies are all leading the knowledge creation agenda. Our challenge lies in commercialising these opportunities locally and reaping full benefit for the broader community.

The Defence industry is important to Canberra, and as home to Duntroon and ADFA, sees many of the nation’s Defence leaders pass through its doors.

There is a substantial wine industry around Canberra and a light-manufacturing sector in Queanbeyan.

The manufacturing industry is undergoing substantial change with the emergence of digital manufacture and the demise of the factory as the locus of activity. Manufacturing is no longer driven by the concept of the large factory, economies of scale, and mass production of standardised units. Quality, speed of delivery, and post sales service are more important drivers than price.

As a centre of government and public administration, Canberra is ‘information rich’. It has the largest installation of mainframe computer capacity in the country and provides employment for a large number of ICT employees, contractors and service providers.

Canberra has been the base for the development and growth of a number of ICT software and services businesses (Intelledox, Tower, etc). These enterprises provide a model of entrepreneurship and ability to meet, and lead, public sector requirements.

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Kiln Incubator

Canberra, ACT

0422 457 974

Games Plus - Canberra

Canberra, ACT

02 6162 5100


South Canberra, ACT

02 6173 7004

Alfred Deakin High

Canberra, ACT

02 6142 3888

Daramalan College

Canberra, ACT

02 6245 6300

EOZ Energy Skills Australia

Canberra, ACT

02 6100 2147

Lake Ginninderra College

Canberra, ACT

02 6142 0222

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Geosciences Australia


02 6249 9111



02 6162 2826

Gondwana Genomics

Canberra, ACT

02 6109 6111


Canberra, ACT



02 6163 5588

Geodrones Australia

District of Gungahlin, ACT

ACT Renewables Hub

Canberra, ACT

1300 962 615



02 6129 8200