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Daintree Saltwater Barramundi

Daintree Saltwater Barramundi ... The farm is based on a 49 hectare property, with 3.3 hectares of licensed production ponds.
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Saltwater Barramundi (Lates calcarifer) is one of the world’s great eating fish. It’s a unique Australian delicacy offering firm, succulent flesh and a delicate combination of flavours and aromas.

The Barramundi belongs to the perch family of fish. Its name ‘Barramundi’ is believed to have Aboriginal origins and means ‘fish with big scales’. For more information on this, please visit the Australian Barramundi Farmers Association website.

Prized for its eating qualities, Barramundi has been in demand for many years. So, with a view to establish sustainable supply for this admirable fighting fish, the Australian Farmed Barramundi Industry started in the mid 1980s. Today, it consists of around 100 licensed farmers operating in all states, except Tasmania.

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