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ATR Wines

With its own special microclimate, the Hard Hill Road Vineyard’s cool ripening conditions and naturally low-yielding vines produce wines with layers of intense flavours and a velvety structure.
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Screen-Shot-2023-04-25-at-112439-amSince we first planted our vines, our focus has been to create modern, cutting edge wines from the historic Grampians region, both from traditional varieties, as well as some lesser known varieties.  Adam’s passion is to create wines that surprise the taster, but at the same time truly represent the vineyard in which they were grown.

We are one of the few wine growers to plant Nebbiolo in the Grampians, and the only one to grow Tannat and Petite Sirah (also known as Durif). We use these varieties with a novel approach to create a series of unique and engaging red wine blends.

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