Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Specialising in the application of Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Ensure your organisation is capturing and transforming the necessary data into actionable insights for your team.

Acacia Systems

Data matching, tracking and filtering for tactical decision making in defence.


Artifical Intelligence Consulting...The lifeblood of your business is Data. As it helps you in tracking how things are going or predict what’s coming. Moreover, it improves your products…

Adactin Group

Adactin optimises technology into business results by delivering information management, business intelligence and analytic solutions.


Data Analytics and Visualisation

AI Brisbane

Artificial Intelligence Changing the Way we Live and Work

AI Health

Data that underpins the innovative health sector...AI Health uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to help address the existing pain points in healthcare around data management, remote…

AI Sydney

Artificial Intelligence Changing the Way we Live and Work


Real Estate Lead Generation and Qualification...Our mission at AiRE is to help real estate professionals grow their business in a smarter and more productive way through hyper-personalised…


Electric VTOL Flying Car

Alive Technologies

Wireless Health Monitoring Systems for screening, diagnosis and management of chronic diseases, and for consumer health and fitness.

Alliance Software

Business intelligence and analytic solutions.


Delivering Machine Learning and AI Solutions...which leverage your data to identify the next-best-actions for your customers.

Automation with Conversational AI through Digital Agents...Amelia is the leading intelligent virtual agent, powered by Conversational AI. She can be hired for jobs and tasks in any industry,…

Analytics in Motion

Business intelligence and analytic solutions. Through applying leading-edge analytical practises our data science team can provide valuable insights that enable more informed and timely decisions.

AOS Group

Intruder Tracking Surveillance & Autonomous Vehicles

Applied EV

Autonomous Multi-Purpose Vehicle

Applied Virtual Simulation

Simulation Based Training Systems for Defence...We deliver individual and collective training solutions to provide ADF personnel with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed on the modern…

Athena Artificial Intelligence

AI Computer Vision, Decision Support and Display, Battlefield Management...Athena AI is one of the only vision-based AI systems on the market that combines AI computer vision, AI enabled…

Control and Predictability over Hiring. High Quality Candidate Leads. is a talent sourcing platform that automates the sourcing process for talent acquisition teams and hiring managers.

Australian Droid + Robot

Remotely Operated Vehicles...Australian Droid + Robot are proud to offer a number of products and services based on our extensive experience in remotely operated vehicles.

Autonomous Industries

UAVs, Sensor Systems, Systems Integration...We specialise in the development and integration of devices, sensors and software solutions which focus on design innovation and specialised…

BAE Systems Australia

At BAE Systems, we provide some of the world's most advanced, technology-led defence, aerospace and security solutions.


LiDAR for Self Driving Cars, 3D Machine Vision System...Baraja is a deep technology company that has reinvented LiDAR for self-driving vehicles. Our groundbreaking Spectrum-Scan™ platform…

Beyond Analysis

Data Analytics and Data Solutions Consultancy...We supports our clients AI and Machine Learning objectives, enabling them to access the most granular levels of data to achieve their goals.

BIGmate Monitoring Services

Transport Safety and Awareness Management Software...The Bigmate IoT Platform works hand in hand with devices to deliver a seamless solution to users to monitor, manage, report, aggregate and…

Birdee Solutions

Facial Recognition Software for Retailers, Offices, Venues

Bitwise Agronomy

Reduce manpower and production costs and efficiently capture precise data for deeper insights into your vineyard's health. Delivering Precise Analytics and Actionable Insights for…

Analytical Support and Forecasting...Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings competitive advantage to your organisation. From accuracy and reliability of data to analytical support and forecasting.

BMP Technologies

IT Recruitment and Software Development


Commercial Airplanes

Boeing Defence Australia

Military Air, Military Sea, Weapons Systems

Bohemia Interactive Australia

Simulation Based Training Systems for Defence...BISim’s product portfolio enables users to create, simulate and visualise realistic multi-domain, battlespace training scenarios to help…


Advanced Neural Networking Processor, AI at the Edge...It mimics the brain to analyze only essential sensor inputs at the point of acquisition—rather than through transmission via the cloud.

Bridge Business Consulting

Data Analytics and Data Solutions Consultancy...Bridge is a management consulting firm specialising in Data and Analytics. We help clients turn data into value through our dedicated focus on…

Built To Roam

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Bot Service...cross platform app development services.


EV charging network...Simple, fast electric car charging for everyone.


We are using world-leading science in remote sensing and machine learning (aka artificial intelligence) combined with on-farm knowledge to bring new levels of understanding in pasture…


AI Driven Virtual Health Coaches...Our success shows that building a great chatbot UX relies on development skill combined with communication science, data analytics, and subject matter expertise.

Cognishift Technologies

Custom AI Software Development, App development, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Cloud computing.

Cognitive Software Group

Research, Develop and Build AI Software


Data Analytics, AI and Data Solutions...Discover entirely new objects and behaviours to yield solutions that do not yet exist. Enable transformative voice-based interactive services.

Consilium Technology

Machine Intelligence, Modelling & Simulation, Data Analytics...Our Australian scientists and industry experts work closely with your team, gaining deep insight into your processes and…

Cubic Defence Australia

Military Training Simulation Systems...Our offering includes training and simulation systems and services, as well as Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance…

Cuelogic Technologies

AI, Data Analytics and Data Solutions Consultancy


AI that Detects Reason Behind Customer Calls...Manage your agents from one place, enhance productivity, rapidly transcribe calls, evaluate performance, and improve quality assurance standards.


Analytics for AI Enabled Medical Innovation. Datarwe is developing the world’s most comprehensive acute care medical research data platform, enabling medical researchers to develop…

Earth AI

AI Metal Ore Targeting Exploration Technology...EARTH AI is a vertically integrated metals exploration company. We find metal ore deposits required to build renewable energy infrastructure.

Echoview Software

Hydroacoustic Visualisation and Analysis for Marine and Freshwater...Echoview Software works with governments, scientists, commercial fisheries, and NGOs globally to support the understanding…

Elenium Automation

Biometrics, Voice, AI and Cloud to Eliminate Airport Boarding Passes...Elenium provides mobile and automated boarding gates that are capable of validating passengers in less than 30ms,…


Military Training Simulation Systems...elmTEK’s Simulation & Training group is focussed on enabling their clients to operate within complex environments, drawing on Live, Virtual, and…


LiDAR Mapping in GPS Denied Environments such as Mines...Emesent is a world-leader in drone autonomy, LiDAR mapping, and data analytics. Our vision is to autonomously map the inaccessible.

AI, Data Analytics and Data Solutions Consultancy...EngineRoom provide expertise across data migration, data engineering, data science and operations. We ingest, organise and structure data…


Simulation and 3D Modelling...Visualise 3D data in Unlimited Detail™ with collaboration and sharing.

Evolving Machine Intelligence

Gas Turbine Engine Computer Simulation Service...EMI is a pure R&D entity, developing technologies that enable machines to understand and control complex systems (including other machines)…


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


Farmbot products are designed to withstand the most remote and harsh climates, and connectivity constraints, with satellite and cellular options available. Our Remote Monitoring Solutions…


Smart Solutions using Machine Learning


Data Analytics for Anti-Terrorism and Defence...The unique ability to monitor image, text and video – the only tool of its kind to do so – identifying key terms, phrases, quotes and objects.

Flight Data Systems

Ground Support Equipment, Flight Recorder Services, Laser Guided Munitions Services...Flight Data Systems is an international avionics equipment and services company providing end-to-end…

Flink Labs

Machine Intelligence, AI and Data Visualisation...At Flink Labs we believe that artificial intelligence and data visualisation work best when used to augment human intelligence, not to replace it.


AI, Data Analytics and Data Solutions Consultancy...Our experience spans digital media, e-commerce, enterprise software, healthcare, and biomedical R&D.

Freelance Robotics

Simulation and 3D Modelling

Futurism Technologies

AI, Data Analytics and Data Solutions Consultancy...

Gap Geophysics Australia

Simulation and 3D Modelling...Gap Geophysics (GapGeo) is a progressive technology developer and service provider to the mineral exploration and environmental geophysics industries.


AI & Research to Help Manufacturers Manage Space in Retail...HIVERY is a pioneer of next-generation hyper-local retail assortment strategy simulation & optimisation solutions for…

Hosted Bots

Create chatbots and publish them on multiple platforms, increase your customer engagement by adding a personal virtual assistant for your business.

Hyper Anna

Dashboard Insights from Data Through AI & Machine Learning...Hyper Anna automates the work of writing SQL, creating visualisations, writing headlines and even setting up alerts and scheduled reports.

IBM Cognos

Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence

Icon Techstudio

AI Music...Icon Technology Studio is a digital agency providing web-based communications and marketing solutions to customers around the globe.

Idya Technology

WebAR, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality... At Idya technology, we focus to provide an innovative solution using Augmented Reality technology.


Simulation and 3D Modelling...ImmersaView is a global leader in edge blending, image warping, and video streaming & recording software solutions for any type of content.


Fallow Weed Detection & Identification by AI...InFarm's best known analysis is a fallow weed detection platform. It is a drone to tractor solution that integrates with farmers every day tractors.

Infofish Australia

Fish Stock tracking, Forecasts and Analysis for the Great Barrier Reef

Ingenious AI

Conversational Interfaces through AI Chatbots...inGenious.AI is creating engaging, informative and useful enterprise chatbots with conversational A.I


AI, Data Analytics and Data Solutions Consultancy


Intelligent Health, Data Analytics and Insights...IntelliHQ is a not-for-profit dedicated to supporting clinical AI innovation and upskiiling the healthcare workforce to interact with applied…


Optimisation of Minerals processing Plants through Data Analytics...Interlate develops data analytics solutions for mining and mineral processing industries.


Video Analytics for Vehicle & Human Recognition...iOmniscient has been a leader in using Artificial Intelligence technologies to create solutions for a host of industries- from Oil and Gas to…


Remote asset management, diagnostics and analytics...IPACS Australia are leaders in the collection, monitoring and reporting of real-time asset performance in industries including healthcare,…

Jenkins Engineering Defence Systems

Electronic Equipment, Radar, Electronic Warfare Systems


Customer Analytics for Data Driven Decisions...Kapiche is a feedback analytics platform built to make sense of customer feedback data, empowering you to improve decision-making.


AI, Data Analytics and Cybersecurity Consultancy

Lateral Australia

Machine Learning, AI Software Solutions...Lateral specialises in custom software and app development across various industries. ... private, government and non-profit clients throughout Australia.


Text Analytics Tool and Visualisation...Leximancer is computer software that conducts quantitative content analysis using a machine learning technique.

Life Whisperer Diagnostics

AI-Driven Image Analysis to Improve Embryo Selection in IVF...Using deep learning and computer vision, Life Whisperer identifies morphological features that constitute a healthy embryo,

Lyro Robotics

Intelligent Robotic Picking & Packaging Solutions...Our robots have been working thousands of hours and packing tens of thousands of fresh produce items to alleviate labour pool constraints…


AI Venture Studio to Build, Validate and Scale...We are an AI venture studio that partners with technical entrepreneurs to build, validate and scale companies at the frontier of Deep Learning.

Max Kelsen

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Consultancy...We deploy specialised Machine Learning systems to automate manual workflows, extract value from your own internal data at scale, and…

Maxwell Plus

AI driven Prostate Screening and Testing...Maxwell Plus ensures the 300+ million men at risk of prostate cancer get an early and accurate diagnosis.


AI Driven Customer Recommendations...Use AI to power your social media, Google Ads and content creation strategy to make sure you never miss another opportunity.


Business Intelligence...Embedded Analytics platform provides faster in-context insights and analysis in any application and on any device.


Asset Management and Use, Predictive Maintenance...MOVUS FitMachine is a smart equipment condition monitoring solution for industry. Increase asset utilisation & eliminate downtime.

Nous Group

Intelligent Health, Data Analytics and Insights Consultancy.


Indexing, Analysing, Extracting Knowledge from Unstructured Data...Nuix specialises in transforming massive amounts of messy data – from emails, social media, communications and other…


Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vessels...Bluebottles harvest all the weather on the ocean; the sun, the wind and the waves so they can advance under all conditions and can remain at sea for…

Octant AI

AI for Improving Project Performance - Finance, Time & Risk...Octant AI uses basic data from your existing systems, combined with tailored machine learning, to review past project performance…


Matching Video Content to News Articles...Oovvuu manages an artificial intelligence platform that matches ad-funded videos with articles anywhere in the world almost instantaneously.

Optika Solutions

AI, Data Analytics and Data Solutions Consultancy...With mathematics as our core truth-finder, we've assembled a stellar team that knows how to use it to solve your problems like never before.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning is one of the best machine Learning development companies in Queensland, Australia, which provides artificial…

Ortelia Interactive Spaces

Simulation and 3D Modelling...Exhibition Design software and Audience Engagement Applications for Galleries and Museums. Virtual exhibitions and interactive mobile applications.


Simulation and 3D Modelling...We've built unique technology and systems to produce hundreds of thousands of panoramas, both underwater and on land.


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Consultancy

Point Duty Software

Data Collection, Data Extraction, Analysis, Mapping, Web Crawlers...Point Duty develops and commercialises a range of software and hardware products focussing on unstructured data collection,…


Intelligent Health, Data Analytics and Insights for Women...Presagen is The Social Network for Healthcare, changing the way clinics & patients globally connect, collaborate & share data to…

Propeller Aero

Drone Data Analytics Platform...Streamline surveying and progress tracking by turning drone data into accurate 3D models. Create accurate maps and 3D models from your drone data and generate…


AI for Customer Analytics...We draw upon a proven track record in proprietary methodologies across data science and artificial intelligence.

Quantum Robotics

Automation in Factories, Warehouses, Hospitals, Hotels...Quantum Robotics provides solutions and consultancy around the use of Autonomous Mobile Robots, Automated Forklifts and Automatic…

Red Marker

AI Powered Compliance...Red Marker provides advanced compliance software to automate and optimise the legal review process for marketing content.

Regrow Ag

Digital Crop Insights from Farm Management System for Growers...Regrow is the first digital platform to unlock the power and profitability of resilient agriculture through a single,…

Remi AI

AI, Data Analytics and Data Solutions Consultancy...Remi AI is a cloud-based demand forecasting, price optimization, and supply chain platform designed to help eCommerce businesses, retailers.

Replica Studios

AI Replication of Human Voice, Natural Text-To-Speech...Synthesize AI voice for your creative projects. Create naturally expressive voice performances with a Replica Voice.


X-Ray and Radiation Monitoring & Reporting...SensaWeb provides a complete end-to-end real time monitoring solution for any organisation who needs to monitor and report on your Radiation and…


AI, Data Analytics and Data Solutions Consultancy


AI, Data Analytics, Fintech, Data Solutions Consultancy

Silentium Defence

Passive Radar Technology...Silentium Defence is a global leader in the design and deployment of passive surveillance systems.


Using AI to Build Marketing Content...We help organisations realize the value of their existing knowledge by transforming and repurposing it for new channels and audiences.

Skin Analytics

AI for Melanoma Screening...Skin Analytics provides AI-supported teledermatology services to support clinicians in the assessment of skin lesions.

Soda Digital

AI, Data Analytics and Data Solutions Consultancy

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