Prepared Food

Jenny's Gourmet Bakery

Cakes, Macaroons, Pastries, Biscuits. Jenny's gourmet Bakery is a family owned business which wholesales amazing cakes ,biscuits and pastries to most of adelaides better cafes and restaurants.

Patties Foods

Pastry, Sweet Pastry Products...Patties Foods, is an Australian food manufacturing company that produces meat pies, baked goods, frozen fruits, and pre-made desserts.

McCain Foods

Frozen Food, Vegetables, Chips, Pizza, Fruit, Dinners. McCain Foods Limited is a privately owned, multi-national leader in the frozen food industry, manufacturing quality products including…

Enzo's At Home

Gourmet Ready Meals, Pasta, Pizza, Dolci. A restaurant quality meal from packet to plate in less than 5 minutes


Mousse, Cheesecake, Tiramisu, Pannacotta, Creme Caramel. Welcome to Exquisine, creating sensational desserts and making people smile since 1986.


Soaps, Skin Care,Jams, Sauces, Teas, Spice. Fresh Emu Egg frittata, with roast pumpkin, warrigal greens, saltbush, ground bush · Indigiearth is the leading Authentic premium native foods and…

Careme Pastry

Butter Puff Pastry, Shortcrust Pastry. Butter Puff Pastry by Carême Pastry. Handmade, All Butter, No Preservatives, No Additives.

Freedom Foods

Cereal, Muesli, Bars, Snacks, Spreads, Seeds, Grains. Since we opened our doors in 1990, it's been our passion to create delicious, gluten free products for all Australians to enjoy.

Mary Macks Products

Instant Batter, Koating Mix. Mary Mack’s Koating Mix is a very simple multi-purpose Koating Mix which can be used on all types of seafood, meat, chicken and vegetables to create an enhanced taste.

Carman's Fine Foods

Muesli, Muesli Bars, Nut Bars, Protein Bars. At Carman’s we believe food should come from the kitchen, not the chemist. We believe in being proud of our ingredients with no need to hide…

Lifestyle Bakery

Gluten Free Breads, Baked Goods. Lifestyle Bakery is recognised as a market leader in gluten free bread and baked goods.

Granny's Food

European Dumplings. Wholesale authentic and unique Eastern European style dumplings Made fresh daily with local ingredients. Based in Melbourne, Australia.

Australian Wholefoods

Quiche, Pasta, Moussaka, Dessert, Gluten Free. A world class supplier of oven baked meals and snacks, leading the market with innovative, affordable and quality meal solutions.

Kooka Brotha's

Frozen Desserts, Cakes, Slices, Muffins, Cheesecakes. Since 1987, Australian owned Kooka Brotha's Patisserie has been producing premium, natural cakes and desserts from some of the best…

Maggie Beer Products

Cakes, Biscuits, Preserves, Sauces, Vinegar, Tea. Whether you are gifting a food lover, planning a special menu, cooking for friends, or looking to treat yourself with your favourite gourmet…

Gourmet Garden

Dried Herbs, Pastes, Seasonings

Sugo tu

Pizza Dough and Sauce. The Secret to Pizza Perfection - Sugo Tu specialises in Pizza dough, parbaked pizza bases and mouthwatering sauces. Food service and retail.

Spring Gully Foods

Pickled Onions, Relishes, Sauces...A family tradition. Four generations and seventy five years of experience ensure that the food we bring to your table is of a high in quality.

Country Chef Desserts

Bread, Pavlova, Desserts, Scones. We are baking specialists who have been baking since 1952. We create some of Australia's favourite desserts.

Fable Food

Plant Based Meat Products. Foraged from Shiitake mushrooms, Fable is goodness unearthed. It’s real food, real mushrooms, just surprisingly, accidentally, fantastically, meaty.

Taings Noodles

Fresh Noodles, Ambient Noodles, Steam Buns...The Taings factory houses a fresh noodle machine, that creates packaged noodles from start to finish.

Bakers Maison

With our range of over one hundred traditional French style breads, pastries and sweets, Bakers Maison par and fully-baked frozen products will impress your customers with the delicious,…

Olympic Fine Foods

We pride ourselves on the quality and care put into every product we make and the partnerships we forge. From humble beginnings, our aim is to spread Olympic Fine Foods to all of Australia…

Chief Nutrition

Collagen, Beef, Biltong Snack Bars. Great tasting protein bars for better recovery. Keto & paleo friendly. Chief Bars are 100% natural, low sugar, keto friendly & also actually good for you!

Temptation Bakeries

Bread, Cakes, Pastry, Pies, Desserts, Burgers...Temptation Bakeries is an Australian owned bakery business based in Melbourne offering a wide range including pies, quiche, muffins, Gluten Free.

Tahini Neri

Hummus, Tahini...Tahini is a superfood, loaded with vitamins and minerals. It supports heart health, reduces inflammation and LDL cholesterol levels.

Vesco Foods

Frozen Meals, Lasagne, Pasta, Casseroles, Curries, Desserts...Australian-owned Vesco Foods has supplied meal solutions to Australia, Asia and the Middle East for over 40 years.

Select Harvests

Muesli, Health Foods, Almonds...Select Harvests is Australia's largest almond grower and processor, and is the third largest grower worldwide.

Mother Meg's Fine Foods

Biscuits, Cakes, Puddings, Nuts...At Mother Meg's we are dedicated to the art of traditional baking, we use old family recipes to produce a delicious range of biscuits, fruit cakes and plum puddings.

Broken Nose Vanilla

Vanilla Beans, Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Paste, Tea. Broken Nose Vanilla is a family-owned single source plantation growing Bourbon vanilla in tropical north-eastern Australia. Our beans are…

Comgroup Supplies

Comgroup Supplies offers products such as burgers, beef patties, hamburgers, meatballs, sausages, lamb cutlets and pizza crumbles.

Goodman Fielder

Breads, oils, pastry, flour, baking premixes, spreads, shortening, dressings, mayonnaise, sauces, vinegar and breakfast cereals,

Laird & Pascoe Trading

Gluten Free Products, Pizza Bases, Frozen Herbs. Laird & Pascoe is an Australian Family owned food company formed in 2009 – its mission – to develop and manufacture. Australian Made food products.

Ready Bake

Frozen Pastries, Sausage Rolls, Pastry Shells...Ready Bake is an Australian manufacturer of quality Frozen & Baked Pastry Products.

Fehlbergs Fine Foods

Pickled Onions, Peppers, Slaw, Olives, Relish, Sauce. Fehlberg's pickled onions range includes raw pickled onions, chilly pickled onions, sliced jalapenos and green olives.

Priestley's Gourmet Delights

Cakes, Cheescake, Desserts, Tarts, Muffins...Simply Creating Happiness. Priestley's Gourmet Delights is proud to celebrate 25 years of simply creating happiness with irresistibly delicious…

Susan Day Cakes

Cakes, Lamingtons, Sponge Roll, Madeira...Susan Day Cakes is an iconic Cake Manufacturer established in 1951 and is famous for lamingtons, fairy cakes, muffins sponge rolls nationally.

Four N Twenty

Meat Pies, Pasties, Sausage Rolls. FOUR'N TWENTY, is an Australian brand of meat pies and sausage rolls, owned by parent company Patties Foods

Field Cuisine

Salads, Mixes, Processed Vegetables, Dessert. At Field Cuisine, we are committed to sourcing quality produce from farmers and food markets to guarantee we deliver our customers the freshest produce.

Ridgy Didge Pies

Pies, Sausage Rolls, Pasties...All our pies, sausage rolls, pasties and quiches are made and baked fresh every day with only fresh ingredient.

Trisco Foods

Syrup, Milkshake Toppings, Jelly Crystals, Smoothie Bases. We specialise in total food solutions for quick service restaurants, food manufacturers and franchise systems globally.

Beak & Johnston

Chilled Meals, Chilled Soups, Sausages, Side Dishes. We’re proud to tell you our story of our history and heritage, from Sous Vide to Soups, Pastry to Pasta, and fresh meals. Our high…


Antipasto, Olive, Pesto, Cooking Wine. Elegre antipasto is prepared by hand in our Sydney kitchens. Our chargrilled products are put on the grill, watched and turned by hand, this delivers a…

Olga's Fine Foods

Beef & Vegetable Patties, Steaks, Burgers, Sausages, Frozen Products...Olga's Fine Foods is a South Australian family owned food manufacturing business established over 30 years ago.

Bellamy's Organic Foods

Infant Formula, Cereals & Rusks, Pasta, Snacks. With so many food choices, it is difficult to know what’s best. At Bellamy’s, we only make certified organic, nutritious food and formula.

Fresh Food Industries

Fresh Food Industries (FFI) is Australia’s leading specialised food manufacturing operation, providing ingredients, products and services to bakers and pastrycooks, ice cream inclusions,…

Specialty Foods

Frozen Burgers, Meat, Patties, Bread, Sausages...Specialising in meal solutions, our range includes our signature Greek Yiros Meats, Mexican Meats, Tzatziki, Salsa, Pitta Breads, Falafels,…

Alpino Gelato

Ice Cream, Cakes. We are Australia’s first ever gelato company established in 1955 by Italian migrants who wanted to bring their craft and expertise to Australia.

Tip Top Bakeries

Bread Products. Tip Top® has been a part of Aussie life for generations – from toasties in Toowoomba to brekky in Broome.

Gourmet Foods Australia

All Fruit & Vegetables, Smallgoods, Dairy products, Organic Foods

Ricci's Bikkies

Biscuits, Sauces. Celebrate every occasion with our gourmet range of Ricci's Bikkies baked pita crisps, brittle and sauces.

Skala Bakery

Bread, Rolls, Wraps, Sourdough...Since 1952, the bakers of Skala have tirelessly adhered to artisan traditions of crafting beautiful breads, pastries and cakes utilising traditional methods.

Barker Boy Fresh

Processed Fruit & Vegetables. A close working relationship with growers and supply chains means Barker Boy can source what you need or work with you and your raw ingredients.


All of our ingredients are ethically-sourced making our spread the tastiest and healthiest on the shelf today. AussieMite is not only silky smooth and nutrient rich. It is also vegan, gluten…

Della Rosa Fresh Foods

A proud Australian pizza, bakery goods and ready meal manufacturing company located in Melbourne, Australia.

Backyard Bread

Bread, Gourmet Spreads, Gluten Free Biscuits. Backyard Bread has created an innovative and delicious range of handmade products using the finest produce from our growers which also compliment…

San Remo

Lasagna, Pasta, Sauce, Ready Meals, Couscous...San Remo is proud to be the longstanding number one Dry Pasta in Australia*. Made from 100% Australian Durum wheat, San Remo prides itself on…

Asterisk Kitchen Pty Ltd

Cookies, Biscuits, Crackers, Breadsticks. Asterisk Kitchen is now based in Croydon and Younes continues to research and develop products that aim to reflect French elegance, fine dining and a…


Coconut Yoghurt, Coconut Ice Cream. Made from 60% coconut cream, we have produced a deliciously, silky smooth and super creamy dairy free yoghurt that is certified organic,

Lisboa Caffe

Lisboa Caffé is a small batch artisan Portuguese bakery that specialises in gourmet tarts, most famous for one of the best Portuguese Custard Tart in Brisbane.

Lynch's Gourmet Breadcrumbs (KookaKrumb)

Kookakrumb Seasoned Breadcrumbs is the leading brand of seasoned breadcrumb in Australia and supplies over 3500 major and independent supermarkets, retailers and the food service industry.

Silly Yak Foods

Bread, Biscuits, Sweets, Savouries, Pizza, Pasta...Silly Yak Foods manufactures a range of bakery goods which are 100% wheat free and gluten free.

Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing

Cereal, Soy Milk, Frozen Desserts, Spreads...Sanitarium believes passionately in the health and wellbeing of every Australian, the potential to be healthy: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Nestle Australia

Chocolate, Coffee, Cereals, Sauces, Noodles, Baking Ingredients...Nestlé is the world's leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company.

Tuckeroo Gourmet Foods

Plum Powder, Saltbush Flakes, Pickles, Antipasto, Dips...The Tuckeroo Gourmet Native range offers delectable products of the highest standard.

Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers

Co-Founders, Ben Cleary-Corradini and Theo Roduner share a true passion for authentic Italian cuisine and believe that everyone should be able to appreciate the satisfaction experienced when…


Healthy Home Delivery Meals, no BS (bad stuff) We're raising the industry standard on delivered meals because you deserve better!

Gutsy Ferments

Sauerkraut, Kim Chi. Here at Gutsy Ferments, we strive to make nutritious food for your gut. We create recipes and fermented food that is delicious for your body and soul.

Thistle Be Good

Dukkah, Risotto, Couscous...Making the best dukkah in Australia (so we hear!) and delicious healthy flavoured quinoa, couscous, risotto, freekeh blends.

Pied Piper Frozen Pastries

Frozen Pastries, Rolls, Triangles...Pied Piper is an Australian-owned premier manufacturer of frozen unbaked pastries and specialty products.

Signature Desserts

Cake, Cheesecake, Dairy Dessert...Signature Desserts has been supplying our unique single serve desserts to the Australian market since 1995.

George Weston Foods

Bread, Smallgoods, Flour, Cake, Cleaning Products. ABF’s purpose is to provide safe, nutritious, affordable food and clothing that is great value for money.

Mountain Harvest Foods

Potato Cakes, Chips, Seafood Sticks, Scallops...Phoenix Frozen Foods is a family owned and operated leading wholesale frozen food manufacturer, supplier and distributor – from our farm to…


Gelato, Gelati Cakes. Proudly a South Australian Family owned and operated business since 2009, we craft and produce premium wholesale and retail ice cream and gelato products.

Australian Outback Pies

Pasties, Pies, Sausage Rolls. Today, we manufacture a large range of Pies, Sausage Rolls, Pasties, Savoury Pastries, Muffins, and even Beef Patties.

Queensland Soybean Food Products

Tofu, Silken Tofu, Seasoned Tofu, Fried Tofu...One of Queensland's leading suppliers in Soy and Tofu Products ... To be nationally recognised as Australia's leading manufacturers in soy products.

Oziental Foods

Asian Gourmet Food, Yum Cha Products...We are a Melbourne based family owned business since 1996 specializing in creating gourmet handcrafted Asian delicacies for restaurants and the…


Pasta, Coucous, Risotto, Salads, Soups. At Belladotti, we always source the highest quality ingredients, bringing together a range of flavours, from both local producers and international markets.

All Cut Foods

Gourmet Salads, Stir Frys, Vegetable Mixes. At All Cut Foods we specialise in value-added fruit and vegetables. From our purpose built plant we prepare and process a wide range of ready to…

All Natural Kitchen

Prepared Meals for Hospital, Aged Care & Retail Stores. We use natural products, with recipes designed by our team of highly skilled chefs and have all the equipment and expertise to handle…

Pure Foods Tasmania

Pate, Smoked Trout, Potato...Pure Foods Tasmania Pty Ltd (PFT) was formed in 2015 with the aim to acquire, grow and develop premium food businesses in Tasmania.

Baylies Epicurean Delights

Biscuits, Shortbreads, Cakes, Crackers. Baylies produces an assortment of gourmet foods including crackers, lavash (lavosh), grissini, sweet biscuits, preserved fruits, gourmet cakes,…


Authentic Asian Food Products. Hakka is a market leader in the manufacture of premium authentic Asian food products servicing the Food service and Asian grocery channels.

Farmer Jo Holdings

Muesli, Granola. Really fancy muesli, granola and breakfast foods, made in Australia. Baked, raw, gluten free and paleo blends, we've got the goods!

Anchor Foods

We have built our reputation on being a first-class supplier of food products for more than six generations. Today the Anchor symbol remains a sure sign of old-fashioned values and integrity.

Snap Fresh

Prepared Meals for Airlines, Hospitals, Defence, Education...Chef inspired international selection of quality meals using premium ingredients. Roasted Chicken with Tomato, Garlic & Lemon Sauce.


Pasta, Flour, Lavosh, Pulses...Pangkarra Foods produces fine food, including premium wholegrain dry pasta, stone milled wholegrain durum flour, wholegrain lavosh.


Dairy Products, Tomato Based Products. Mexex - South Australian based food manufacturer specialising in ​Aseptic and Hot Fill processing of dairy and vegetable-based products.

Byron Gourmet Pies

Gourmet Pies, Vegetarian Pies, Vegan Pies. Jean-Paul’s passion for pastry making and travel set the foundation for the creation of some of the most exciting, original and exotic, gourmet…

Vella Pasta

Pasta, Gnocchi, Sauces, Pizza...Vella Pasta makes a variety of pastas including Ravioli, Tortellini, Gnocchi, Lasagne, Cannelloni and fresh pasta sauces.

Golden Falafel

Falafel, Zucchini Patties. Golden Falafels are made on a chickpea and broad bean base and flavoured with quality ingredients. They are scrumptious in wraps and sandwiches.

Connex United Processors

Together with more than 600 pet food lines, 11 factories, Connex United Processors offers a wide range of “Value for Money” pet foods under private or established brands.


Fruit Straps, Muesli. Our products currently include a range of 100% Fruit Straps and Gourmet Muesli. We are committed to making natural real food that is good for you and are made here in…

King International

Tofu, Yoghurt, Hommus, Dairy Free Products. Today, we supply our yoghurts, tofu, hummus, cheese and much more through major supermarket chains and health food stores nationally. Our products…

Snackbrands Australia

Potato Chips, Cereal Extruded Products. Your all time favourite Australian snacks are ready to be enjoyed with family and friends. The crisp corn crunch of CC's. The irresistible crisp of…

Simplot Australia

Canned Vegetables, Canned Fish, Canned Meals, Pasta, Rolls, Frozen Food...Simplot Australia is a leading Australian food manufacturer and the home of Australia's favourite food brands.

Chris's Greek Dips

Dips, Yoghurt, Snacks, Desserts. With a proud Greek heritage spanning nearly 40 years, Chris’ Foods looks to inspire in a modern, multicultural world where every meal should be a celebration.

Gelato Bello

Gelato, Gelati Cakes. We make our Authentic Italian Ice Cream on-site from fresh local ingredients, prepared daily. We keep getting told we have the best Gelati outside of Italy.


Dips, Spice Blends, Coffee Products, Yoghurt, Cheese. Gaganis Bros is a national distributor, wholesaler, importer and manufacturer of fine foods, liquor, food manufacturing equipment and…

OSI International Foods

Bacon, Pizza, Hot Dogs, Sandwiches, Cooked Beef & Pork...OSI is the premier global supplier of custom value-added food products to the world's leading foodservice and retail food brands.

Newman's Horseradish

Horseradish Sauce, Mustard...Newmans Dairy Horseradish, 250g. A hot pungent sauce made from raw minced horseradish and mixed into a mayonnaise.

Wombat Valley Food Group

Gluten Free Mayonnaises, Antipasto, Vegetarian Products. We produce and market a diverse range of Gluten Free products ideally suited to any environment.

Filla Bakery

Turkish Bread, Lebanese Bread, Tortillas. Filla Bakery has been a top rated wholesale bakery in Yatala since 2010.

Beston Global Foods

Beston Global Food Company Limited (BFC) is an Australian company involved in the production, marketing and distribution of dairy, seafood, meat, wine, health and nutrition products in local…

Spoonfed Foods

Garlic Jam, Ham Jam, Lamb Jam, Pork Jam, Red Onion Jam...Spoonfed Foods is a supplier of savoury jams that work beautifully as wholesale gift hamper inclusions.

Gold Garlic Foods

Crushed, Minced, Peeled Garlic, Ginger, Chilli. Superior quality, fresh-chilled Aioli is made using crushed, fresh, Australian garlic and whole eggs, giving it a luxuriously creamy texture.

Mondelez International

Chocolate, Biscuits, Dairy, Confectionery, Spreads, Grocery. Mondelēz International is one of the world's largest snacks companies.

General Mills

Cakes, Pasta, Snacks, Muesli Bars, Tacos, Nachos. General Mills Australia manufactures and distributes baking products, pasta, desserts, and other Mexican style foods.

7 Chefs

Fresh Noodles & Pasta. We offer a select range of high quality pasta products for supermarkets and specialty retail outlets.

Dello Mano

Handmade luxury food including brownie gifts, cakes, birthday cakes, gift baskets, hampers, chocolate gift boxes, cookies.

Paleo Hero Snack Foods

Muesli, Granola, Bread, Bars, Oils, Sauces...Paleo Hero specialise in gluten free, grain free, dairy free and refined sugar free products to support your healthy lifestyle.

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