Jam Honey Spread

Aeroplane Jelly

Aeroplane Jelly has a special place in the hearts of all Australians. It could be the nostalgia you feel every time you hear that jingle or taste your favourite flavour.

Fewsters Farm Honey

We are one of the biggest producers of Jarrah honey in the world. Jarrah honey is known for its high antioxidants and healing properties.

Australia MediTree Honey Group Pty Ltd

MediTree Honey is a qualified Australian honey producer. Our honeys are all collected from Australian native forest floras, taken straight from beehives. 100% Raw & Natural Australian honey…

Elixir Honey

Based in Western Australia, a pristine environment due to its vast and relatively isolated position, the bees are able to feast on pure nectar from the vast array of unique bush and forest…

Superbee Honey Factory

Honey & Honey Products...Our pure Australian honey is sourced from our prime regions in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.


Honey & Honey Products. Since 1974, Comvita® have been sharing the wonders of pure New Zealand Mānuka Honey with the world.

Mrs Oldbucks Pantry

Fruit Jam, Preserves...Mrs Oldbucks Pantry offers you their range of delicious jams, preserves and gourmet products online.

Panda Honey

Honey & Honey Products...Premium quality honey from Australia. Quality honey from Australian beekeepers.

Australian Honey Products

Honey & Honey Products. Australian Honey Products now has the largest number of bee hives in Tasmania and is the largest commercial pollinator in Tasmania providing a service to all forms of…

Honey Lady

Raw Honey, Spice Blended Honey. Our honey is 100% South Australian honey sourced from local SA beekeepers.

The Tasmanian Honey Company

The Tasmanian Honey Company are produces of Tasmanian honey including; leatherwood, meadow, christmas bush, eucalyptus, manuka, honey nouveau and more.

Waradaa Australia

At 750 mg of MGO per KG, our 20+ rated honey is the highest strength Manuka honey you can buy online. This supremely rich honey is rare and hard to get.

Edward's Health Co.

Manuka Honey Products. Edward's Health Co. is an innovative Australian manufacturer of lifestyle beverages for people who care about their health and wellbeing.

Gather By

Gather By produces 100% Raw Pure Australian Bioactive+ Manuka Honey™ from the pristine bushland of the East Coast of Australia.

Biosota Organics

Biosota Manuka honey is raw and cold extracted with an exceptional taste and renowned antibacterial properties that may enhance, protect and actively support the body's own immune defences,…

WA Pure Honey

WA Pure Honey is owned and run by beekeepers, we are committed to the highest standards of production and careful management of our bees. Our business is to create quality food, pollinate…

A Buzz from the Bees

We are passionate about our honey, and only bring you 100% pure and natural products containing no additives or preservatives, whether it be our honeycomb, premium honey or our unique balm products.

The Beekeeper

Our manuka honey is laboratory certified, the activity level and strength of each harvest tested to ensure you get what you pay for.

Blue Hills Honey

Robbie and Nicola Charles of Blue Hills Honey harvest honey containing some of the highest antioxidants of any honey in the world. The family have been making honey this way for more than 60 years.

The Other Chef Fine Foods

Jams, Relishes, Sauces, Pickles...At The Other Chef we specialise in producing award winning jams, relishes, sauces, pickles & other essential condiments.

Meluka Australia

Native Honey, Tea Tree Essentail Oil. Meluka Australia supplies Meluka Raw Honey 100% Australian certified organic honey, probiotics, postbiotics and tea tree derived products.

Beerenberg Farm

Jam, Relish, Pickle, Sauce, Marmalade. Beerenberg Strawberry Jam is still our best selling product, with Caramelised Onion coming a close second.


Our honey is produced in the wild forest reserves of the south west and the desert areas of Western Australia, with these regions ideal for the production of pure and natural honey due to the…

Buzz Honey

Buzz Honey is a family owned business located in the pristine Adelaide Hills. We produce hand selected and harvested honeys from a variety of locations across South Australia.

Hive Haven

Bees Wax, Native Bee Hives, Honey. Hive Haven is a leading native bee hive innovator in Australia.

Pure Origins

Manuka Honey, Organic Wild Flower Honey, Organic Shiraz...Pure Origins brand is only found on high quality, premium and pure Australian honey & Manuka. We are strong believers that you are…

Fewster's Farm Honey

Raw Organic Honey. Fewster's Farm honey is harvested from some of the most pristine and disease free forests in the world.

Wattle Tree Creek

Jam, Marmalade, Apple Butter, Vinegar, Herbs, Spices. Our preserves and preservative free, mostly gluten free, suitable for vegans and mostly made from the fruit from our land.

Capilano Honey

Honey & Honey Products. All Capilano beekeepers produce, extract and store their honey in compliance with our audited quality assurance program. And our process isn’t complete without…

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