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Below are listings for 52 regions across Australia, 8 State Export & Trade showcases, plus international export showcases for the world.

The SHOWCASE is a catalogue of Australia’s productive industries.

Mining, agribusiness, defence, ICT, space industry, robotics, AI, manufacturing, construction, health, transport, education, energy and environmental services.

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  • Economic Challenges

    “The challenge we face, is that the drivers that gave us 27 years of economic growth are not the drivers that we need going forwards. In the past, natural resources, cost of labour and capital were enough. In the future it will be how effective we are at translating R&D into new breakthroughs.”  Adrian Turner: ex Data61 CEO

  • Sponsorship options

    Three tiered packages are available for corporate businesses wishing to sponsor one or more regions or one or more industry sectors.

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  • How myREGION works

    myREGION allows organisations to showcase products and services to domestic and export markets, to join and create Groups, and view videos and projects.

    myREGION provides the tools to manage a network, sector or region and its organisations.