Bird Beam

Autonomic Laser Beam Bird Control Technology. Bird Beam recommends a total management plan for bird control, using other tools to integrate with the laser deterrent. This should be determined…


Farm Compliance Management Software...Pest Genie® is a web based system which automates the management of farm chemical safety information, including pesticide labels and SDS.


Ground Robots to Treat and Monitor Plants in a Greenhouse. Our pollination robot will work when both temperature and humidity levels are optimal in the greenhouse.

Environmental IoT Platform to Monitor Sensors. is a cloud-based data acquisition, storage and visualization platform built initially around the Campbell Scientific hardware ecosystem.

Farm Simple

Our comprehensive feature set covers all the major farm management tools required for broad acre farmers to optimise their operation. Storage, Spraying, Timesheets, Job Allocation...


Mobile Satellite Communications. The world leader in global mobile satellite communications, we have been connecting people, organisations and places across the globe for more than 40 years…

Modular Farms

Our exclusive Modular Farm System is a complete indoor vertical farming system capable of producing fresh, healthy plants virtually anywhere in the world, in any climate.


Parabug Australia specialises in beneficial insect release technology for pest control using a purpose built drone payload system.


Livestock management apps for when each and every animal counts. Individual animal records, all livestock types, farm summary dashboard and paddock mapping.


Agriculture Automation. Our primary focus is developing and delivering multi-layered situational awareness safety systems and autonomous technologies that can fit original machinery.


Smart Farm Monitoring System...Farmbot products have been designed to withstand the most remote and harsh climates, and connectivity constraints, with both satellite and cellular options available.


We are using world-leading science in remote sensing and machine learning (aka artificial intelligence) combined with on-farm knowledge to bring new levels of understanding in pasture…

Ag Logic

Precision Agriculture and Monitoring Specialist. Ag Logic specialises in precision agriculture. Our · advanced mapping tools measure soil and · topography variations.


At Sustinent, we harness biotechnology to transform agricultural green waste into new resources.Sustinent’s growing portfolio of biomass conversion methods unlock the potential of green…


Pairtree Intelligence. Pairtree is an agnostic and independent dashboarding platform that enriches agtech providers and agribusiness data sets.


Mobile Farm Management Software...Track the data, connect the dots, and uncover the animal and grazing insights you need to own the future of your farm.


Grain Supply Chain Software. AgriDigital makes grain supply chains easy. Learn more about our products, including Waypath, and track your grain from harvest to payment—Try for free.

Lely Australia

Dairy Equipment, Robotic Milking Systems, Forage Machinery...Lely, the market leader in automated systems for dairy farmers, has doubled its surface for office and factory work.

Think Bio

Thinkbio uses beneficial strains of bacteria and fungi to help growers lower the environmental footprint of crop production whilst increasing productivity.


Bacterial Identification for Farmers, Food Industry and Researchers. New approaches to identify root nodule bacteria rapidly and accurately using mass spectrometry and genetic sequencing.


Electrical, Mechanical and Process Control Engineering Services. We are leading the way in the development and application of new technologies to link and recycle resources and waste streams.

FreshChain Systems

Blockchain Solution for Agricultural Digital Supply Chains. FreshChain is a fully integrated, blockchain enabled, paddock to plate assurance system that verifies the food you eat.


Rural Data Powered Solutions for Agriculture. Digital Agriculture Services caters to growing appetite for rural, agri and climate risk intelligence that puts science in the hands of decision makers.

Regrow Ag

Digital Crop Insights from Farm Management System for Growers...Regrow is the first digital platform to unlock the power and profitability of resilient agriculture through a single,…


thingc Robotics have developed an on-demand workforce made up of fully autonomous, smart field robots. Interchangeable tools allow the robots to carry out a range of useful farming tasks…

Carbon Count

Carbon Count, a project management platform that streamlines the entire process of running a soil carbon project into a clear and simple workflow.

Think Digital

An immersive technology studio working with virtual reality in agriculture, and augmented reality (VR & AR). We create immersive and interactive content that transforms training and education…


Greenhouse Film Technology to Increase Crop Yield. Lleaf has created an innovative luminescent technology for greenhouses that harnesses the power of sunlight to improve crop yield by up to 40%.

Regional Collab

We’re RegionalCollab and we help organisations (big and small) take off, build resilience and sustainability. We’ve been turning business dreams into reality for rural, regional and…


A simple-to-use globally-verified system for all winegrape growers, who need to save water, stabilise yields, reduce workload and robustly improve wine quality.


Online Electronic National Vendor Declaration

Bee Innovative

Tracking Bee Pollination in Near Real Time. Bee Innovative is an Australian AgTech company that significantly increases bee pollinated crop yield and quality through the identification…


Remote Sensing and Control Products. iotag is a tracking solutions platform for pastoral farms. It enables farmers to track bulls and cows over long distances.


Agronomist, Geospatial management...Farmacist is a leading provider of precision agronomy solutions. From soil mapping to drones and satellite imagery.

The Yield

Farm Information Management Platform...The Digital Playbook is our customers’ blueprint on how to grow, distribute and sell more profitably and with less environmental impact.


Data sharing is at the heart of SOOS. Our aim is to support the development of systems that maximise the discoverability, access and impact of Southern Ocean observations, no matter who…


PrimeX Connect is an Enterprise B2B SaaS sales platform for red meat. Jointly designed with some of Australia and New Zealands' largest exporters.

Rubens Technologies

Rubens is the big data-driven quality and provenance intelligence system for the fresh food supply chain. With a unique combination of sensors and analytics Rubens ensures product quality…


Farm Management Software...Fully GPS capable graphics mapping program for property, water, environmental, grazing and crop rotation planning.


GPS enabled Neckband to manage Livestock by Virtual Fences. Draw your virtual fence anywhere on your property and your cattle are trained to remain within the virtual barrier.


Animal monitoring information platform, direct to satellite through smart ear tag


Blockchain Solution for Agricultural Digital Supply Chains. Geora provides simple and secure technology for farmer networks to track and finance agri-supply chains.


Everything you need to help manage your livestock farming business. Simple, practical, flexible livestock farm management software.


Autonomous Tree Planting. Skygrow provides environment and landcare rehabilitation solutions. Through using Growbots, we aim to solve deforestation through mass planting trees.

Swan Systems

Water and Fertiliser Precision Irrigation Software. A revolutionary all-in-one water and nutrient irrigation management software to manage outputs for better yields at lower costs.


Waterfind is an Australian owned and operated family business, founded in 2003, specialising in water brokering, consulting and water transfer processing.


Farm Management System for Horticulture...Apunga enables you to drive efficiencies across your business and streamline every aspect of farm planning and day-to-day management - all with one…

Athena Irrigation Technologies

Irrigation Technology, Irrigation Scheduling, Decision Making. Irrigation scheduling based on scientific evidence - smart decisions, smart choices.

Green Camel

Growing Vegetables and Fish in a Symbiotic System. Green Camel has developed a technology which helps overcome environmental risks often associated with growing organic produce.


We empower businesses who are looking to lock in long-term low prices for renewable electricity, recycle organic waste and increase their social reputation.

Cattlelink Software

Farm Management Software...CattleLink is user-friendly software designed for management of Australian beef cattle herds. It stores and records details of animals at an individual level,…

MPT AgTech

In Furrow Soil Mapping, including Moisture, Temperature, and Soil Carbon. The MPT AgTech ‘Smart Seeder’ integrates soil sensing technology into a self-adjusting seeder to accurately…

Tie Up Farming

Horticultural Farm Management System...Tie Up Farming is an end-to-end software solution for horticultural agribusinesses.


Connecting Growers & Pickers without Labour Hire Provider. The app allows growers the chance to see a potential worker's certificates and VISA documents, and features a two-way rating system.


Fruit Fly Trap Monitoring. SnapTrap is a new trap monitor system for fruit growers and biosecurity. SnapTrap gathers photos, sensor logs and other trap data for online analysis.


Farm Management System designed to save you money, optimise your yields, improve productivity, and increase your profits.

Yield Prophet

Agriculture Decision Support Tool...Yield Prophet is an agricultural decision-support tool that can help you achieve more from your land and limited resources (like rainfall).


Grazing Management Software. MaiaGrazing is a powerful, profit-driving, decision-making solution built by graziers for graziers.


Decentralised Production of Food and Cannabis Products. Blakthumb is an Operating System software for cannabis and food producers. We make your operations so simple and intuitive, it's like…


AgriChain is a software platform that brings together all stakeholders in the agricultural supply chain, allowing them make better-informed decisions.

Stacked Farm

Automated Indoor Vertical Farm. At Stacked Farm, we're revolutionising fresh food production for good. We grow and deliver exceptionally fresh, sustainable, pesticide-free produce.

Sentek Sensor Technologies

Soil Moisture Measurement...Sentek soil moisture sensors provide a high data resolution and can detect changes in moisture of >0.01 percent. This allows you to track water movement.

Jeffress Engineering

Cutter Grinder, Wet Disintegrator, InfraSpector, BecScan...Jeffress Engineering design and manufacture handling, processing and analysis technology for measuring sugarcane and wine quality.

Deep Planet

Advancing the state-of-the-art in precision viticulture, we apply scientifically proven research in AI to help growers and winemakers to make better farming decisions.


We believe that by connecting food producers, leading technology and aligned capital we can have a red hot crack at solving some of the biggest challenges facing the Indo-Pacific food system…


Farm Management Software...Fairport -improving management in agriculture, horticulture and viticulture since 1988.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles...The Skippy Scout app automates crop-scouting drone flights, allowing growers and agronomists to check pest, weed and disease levels across a field remotely.


Soil Testing Management Program, Soil Carbon, Soil Fertility. FarmLab provides a streamlined service to help agronomists and farmers get the most out of their soil over the long term.

Agritech Incubator

Agritech Incubator. Hands on immersive program, coworking spaces, virtual events. Aim is to spark innovation and economic development in the Riverina by offering incubator programs.

Bitwise Agronomy

Reduce manpower and production costs and efficiently capture precise data for deeper insights into your vineyard's health. Delivering Precise Analytics and Actionable Insights for…


GeoAI to Detect Change in Urban and Natural Environments for insurance businesses. Access the most powerful and comprehensive data about our changing built and natural environment and make…


Data Modelling and Visualisation, AI and Data Management. Toustone Decision Intelligence combines human decision making with Business Intelligence and Machine Learning.


Animal Monitoring, Environment, Soil, Water, Weather. AxisTech is an Australian based Agtech solution provider with a focus on IoT devices and whole-of-business data.


Record keeping, compliance management and unlimited support, at your fingertips…


Airborrne Crop Disease Detection. BioScout uses advanced automated microscopy and machine learning to identify airborne particles as they come through the system.


GPS Animal Collar & Phone App...Leading developer of virtual fencing technology, Agersens, is now part of Gallagher Group under a strategic change of ownership that will allow us to further…


Vineyard Farm Management Software. Platfarm allows you to track and recommence spraying with pinpoint accuracy, so that you can achieve complete coverage without wasting time and inputs.


Farm Information Management Platform...Farm Planning, Budgeting, Track and Manage Product Inputs, Job Management, Compliance, Agronomy, Logistics & Grower Services, Precision.


Map Location Tagged Photos.


Chemical Testing & Analysis for Agronomists. Hone makes it easy to test the chemical properties of soil, crops and grain samples in real time.

Smart Paddock

Real Time GPS Tracking & Monitoring Tag. We offer the lowest cost real-time GPS tracking solution available in the market today. We can track your cattle, sheep or pretty much any valuable…


We developed a system that took full advantage of GPS machine control for laser levelling. That is what we call Optimum Surface Landforming™ or OptiSurface™.


Electronics to Steer, Map, Monitor and Control Spraying and Planting.


Data on Crop Growth, Yield, Water, Soil and Weather...Precision Agriculture solutions for farmers and agronomists.


Battery Operated Wireless Pressure, Level, Temperature and Flow Sensors.


IoT Solutions for Agtech, Water Use, Farm Gate. Farmo improves the welfare of animals and makes life better for farmers using cost effective sensors for remote monitoring and control of…

Carbon Link

Earn Income by Improving Soil, Carbon Market Offset Service


Mirragin helps defence, emergency, government, and commercial organisations implement and manage drone, robotic, and AI programs.

Safe Ag systems

Safe Ag Systems offers cloud-based, safety management software to manage safety and compliance obligations in farm and agricultural business environments.


The Agtuary platform harnesses satellite and climate data to provide next generation insights into agricultural production. We analyse regional properties across key sectors to drive credit,…


Liquid Plant Fertiliser. Cost effective crop nutrition. Converte plantfood has been developed to restore the full nutrient balance to plants and catalyse soil biology to release and transport…

Mait Industries

Monitoring & Control Solutions for Agriculture, Turf and Environment. MAIT designs, installs and maintains soil moisture, environmental monitoring and irrigation control systems for the…

Green Brain

Helping Irrigators Monitor and Manage Water Use. Green Brain shows you how and when to reduce water, fertiliser and energy use. Your crops and land quality rise too!

Graintec Scientific

Near Infrared Analysers, Protein Testers, Grain Sampling, Moisture Testing...Graintec Scientific is a leading supplier of food and agricultural testing equipment.

Breedcow & Dynama

Farm Management Software

Sapien Technology

Sapien Technology is a trusted technology partner providing individual animal management software and hardware solutions across the supply chain.


Smart Utility Management Solutions - Water, Gas, Electricity Data. SUMS+ is a utility management portal that delivers water, gas & electricity time of use data to your fingertips.

Australian Agritech Association

Agritech is a standalone sector which applies technology to the agri-food supply chain, and contemporaneously crosses over into energy, water, sustainability, environment, climate, industry…

LX Group

From automation systems to agricultural tracking and monitoring applications, we’ve built a vast range of AgTech products, smart devices and complete solutions.


Helping Irrigators Monitor and Manage Water Use. Helping farmers minimise their water spend while maintaining a healthy crop and bottom line.

Grow Logic

Horticultural Farm Management System


An end-to-end farm management solution, incl. sensors, network, data storage & application. The best and most affordable IoT farm management tool developed by farmers for farmers.


Intelligent IoT Solutions for Agribusiness. Metos is the AgTech Solutions provider of PESSL Instruments covering all of Australia and New Zealand. Metos delivers insights to end users to make…


Farm Information Management Platform...Observant helps you monitor and control pumps remotely so you can improve the operation of your entire farm.


Online Grain Trading Platform for the Grain Industry.igrain has the largest buyer network in Australian, transacting with more than 300 individual companies annually. And we are proud to…


Platforms, Readers, Indicators...Livestock management and animal health delivery solutions to manage input costs, detect disease early, provide optimum levels of feed, treatment and nutrition…


Remote Sensing and Control Products. The future of irrigated cropping where connected infrastructure and automation is accessible, robust and seamless in operation.


Optiweigh is a unique front-foot livestock weighing system. Optiweigh works in-paddock capturing live weights in real-time and reports data back to your home.


Blockchain Solution for Agricultural Digital Supply Chains. Our platform is designed to cater to the needs of both farming communities and the organisations and businesses - in a wide range…

Stratus Imaging

Data Driven Agriculture, Precision Farming, Soil Mapping. Stratus Imaging uses remote sensing technology from state-of-the-art UAVs, manned aircraft and satellite, and industry-leading…


SOSBio is leading the development of efficient commercial fertilisers for environmentally friendly agriculture that are backed by fundamental scientific research. Our aim is to provide…

Next Instruments

Cropscan, Multiscan, Seedcount, Nutrascan...Next Instruments manufactures a range of innovative analytical and process instruments for the food, agriculture and nutrition markets.


Fallow Weed Detection & Identification by AI...InFarm's best known analysis is a fallow weed detection platform. It is a drone to tractor solution that integrates with farmers every day tractors.

Catchlog Trading

Fishing Management Software...CatchLog is an e-log management software for e-reporting, analysis, and management of commercial fishing vessels.

Smart Foal

Smart Foal Alarm System. Smart Foal's alarm system gives you insight into your mares behaviour. It lets you know when your mare stands up or lays down and you can check what else she has been…


Designed to improve your operational efficiencies and increase your bottom line, our farm and agronomy solutions turn raw farm data into valuable insight.


Farm Management Software...Stockbook and Live Entry enable you to collect and view data on your animals in real-time. With a range of data collection options.

Phoenix by Agdata

Farm Management Software...AGDATA Australia developed the Phoenix Farm Management products to integrate financial, production and payroll tools for broadacre farming, mixed farming.

Deckhand Electronic Logbook

Electronic Logbook for Fishing Trip Reporting and Record Keeping. Electronic logbook that combines streamlined trip reporting and personal record keeping with a quick to learn and easy to use…

Practical Systems

Farm Management Software...We are the only software company that delivers management, production and accounting solutions that address the four components of any farm business.

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